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LITOLFF is a lifestyle brand based on time-honored values.

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Deeply rooted in a reverence for tradition, quality and expertise, LITOLLF reinterprets classics with individuality and a contemporary design approach. The focus is on the use of superior, sustainable materials and craftsmanship  to create exquisite items with enduring charm and heirloom character.


LITOLFF products are modern luxury objects for daily life, rich in practical, emotional and investment value.

LITOLFF offers a distinctive product proposal based on a consistent, holistic brand vision. Raw materials are all top grade, natural and safe for worry-free purchasing and gift-giving; manufacturing is small scale, tractable and sustainable, done entirely in European artisan workshops, mainly in Germany.



All LITOLFF products are lifelong companions and heirloom pieces that embody the childhood imagination, the desire for loving care and regard for tradition of the parents, grandparents, family and friends who purchase them.


The “little gems” from LITOLFF are investment items for those who wish to preserve and pass on these memories, emotions and values to future generations.


The LITOLFF name is a tribute to founder Philip Lorenz grandmother, HETA LITOLFF.

HETA LITOLFF is the great-granddaughter of HENRY CHARLES LITOLFF*; she had a wonderful childhood, living in the LITOLFF GARDEN in Braunschweig, Germany, and went on to mother of two children. HETA LITOLFF frequently sketched depictions of the gardens lovely

atmosphere along with images from her childhood memories and vibrant imagination. These sketches, a mixed expression of historical, traditional and modern scenes, serve as a clear inspiration and foundation for the current LITOLFF line of products.


HENRY CHARLES LITOLFF* (1818-1891, Composer & Piano Virtuoso)

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