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LITOLFF „1946“ porcelain collection is a mix of modern & classic design.

Each rim is hand applied to every individual piece.

The „1946“ porcelain pieces are decorated with hare, girl, doll, birds & sun figures, what creates a funny, familiar, yet modern table setting.

Each LITOLFF dot is hand applied to every individual piece.
The dots porcelain pieces are decorated 100% by hand, every dots is an unique object only for you.


LITOLFF flatware collection is dimond engraved with hare, doll, sun, birds figures and is matching all the porcelain designs. The form is very classical, but at the same time very modern and will suit any table setting. The collection is available in handpolished stainless steel.


LITOLFF handwoven linen napkins are of an exceptional quality. 

The superior quality of this linen and woven pattern, makes the napkins timeless and a lasting piece for your table. Available in several colours and embroidery designs.

The colors and embroidery are matching the colors and images of the porcelain pieces.



Bowl/ Egg Cup/ Cup/ Plate/ Tea cup/ Cutlery/ Napkin & Ring - Image - Color


Bowl - Bird - red

Mini bowl - Sun - black

Eggcup - Sun - yellow

Cup - Hare - red

Plate - Girl - red

Tea cup - Dots - yellow


Cutlery - Bird 

Napkin - Hare

Napkin ring - Sun 


•          tea cup 5,5 cm 18ml

•          bowl d 16 cm, 200ml

•          mini bowl d 9 cm

•          cup 6,5 cm, 16ml

•          egg cup 6 cm

•          plate d 20 cm


•          material: porcelain

•          hand-made

•          hand-glazed

•          Made in Germany

•          9 colors & real gold rimmed

•          dishwasher & microwave save

•          golden rim: dishwasher safe but not suitable for microwave use


•          Material: handpolished stainless steel

•          Dishwasher safe

•          Diamond engraving

•          Table Spoon  18 cm

•          Fork               18 cm

•          Knife              18 cm

•          Teaspoon       15 cm


•          Napkin 40 x 40 cm

•          Hand-crafted in Germany

•          Made from 100% linen

•          Available in 10 colours

•          Pre washed

•          Machine washable at 60



600,00 €Price

    • We can paint initials, name or phrase on the porcelain products of your choice.
    • The colour of the letters is in the color of the rim.
    • The letters can be in 1.handwriting or 2.print type.
    • Please write it always as in the example: Philip- 1. or PHILIP- 2. (1.handwriting or 2.print type )
    • Please take care when entering your personalisation as it will be painted exactly as you enter it, including any capitalisation (e.g. Philip, philip, PHILIP).

    Need some help? Please contact us

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