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CASHMERE BLANKET DOTS "grey-hand crochet"

LITOLFF blankets are made from supremely soft cashmere yarn and are available in different colors.
The blankets are hand knitted & hand printed and are very soft, light and warming.

• Hand knitted in Nepal

• Hand printed in Nepal
• Cashmere 100%
• Measurement: 80 x 100 cm

CASHMERE BLANKET DOTS "grey-hand crochet"

274,00 €Price

    • All orders are packed in our signature brown cardboard box with leather badge on top.


    • Select a plain LITOLFF complement card or a peronal gift message that can be printed on a LITOLFF complement card.
    • Please write a peronal gift message, in the notes field, at the end of placing your order.


    GIFT/INVOICE an invoice where the price is not shown

    • An order can be considered as a "gift".
    • Please make a note, in the notes field, at the end of placing an order, if you wish the gift invoice in the package that is sent to the gift recipient.
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