BOX 1.2-A BABY "Hare"

LITOLFF totally handcrafted hairbrush is very soft and is made from best certified white goathair.

You can use it as a massge brush for baby or for the first soft baby hair.


•           Made in Europe

•           Made of finest goathair

•           100% Hand - Made

•           beechwood

•           Laser engraving


LITOLFF little keepsakes box is totally handcrafted and is a perfect product for everybody.

You can use it for first hair, first tooth, small jewellery objects, or other little keepsakes.


•           Made in Europe

•           100% Hand - Made

•           beechwood

•           Laser engraving


Classical theething ring made of beech wood with small laser engraved figures.


•           Made in Germany

•           Beech wood 

•           Size 7cm

BOX 1.2-A BABY "Hare"


    • We can paint initials, name or phrase on the porcelain products of your choice.
    • The colour of the letters is in the color of the rim.
    • The letters can be in 1.handwriting or 2.print type.
    • Please write it always as in the example: Philip- 1. or PHILIP- 2. (1.handwriting or 2.print type )
    • Please take care when entering your personalisation as it will be painted exactly as you enter it, including any capitalisation (e.g. Philip, philip, PHILIP).

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